Monday, March 21, 2011

Minty Fresh

The mint is taking over. It has nearly engulfed one of my raised garden beds. I knew better when I planted it. "I'll just plant a tiny bit..for lamb dishes, salads, mint juleps." That was last March.

So, I tell Dave that I'm going to go dig it all up if it ever stops raining around here. He suggests I freeze it. Then we brainstormed!

1. Mint Pesto
2. Homemade mint toothpaste
3. Dry it and add to pot..for a minty smell and taste
4. Mint Jelly
5. Homemade breath freshener
6. Mint Sachet's
7. Dry it...then throw it away (diffuses the guilt of not doing anything with it)
8. Blanch and freeze with water in ice cube trays (like basil)
9. Make mint wreaths
10. Make hair laurels...with ribbons
11. Make mint body wash
12. Mint foot rub
13. Mint body lotion
14. Crowns of mint (beats thorns all to hell)
15. Mint jewelry
16. Use for toilet paper replacement
17. Weave it into dolls or soldiers
18. Make guns
19. Weave into plant hangers (I can still macrame)
20. Make purses or wallets
21. Wall hangings of mint
22. Halloween costume - swamp thing or incredible hulk

What's your suggestion?

P.S. Do they still make ice cube trays? We'll have to buy another freezer.


Jen said...

Love #3!Send me some when it's all dried.

TaraDharma said...

I like the mint as a toilet paper replacement - leaves you feeling all tingly and fresh!

Dry the mint, sprinkle on carpets, vacuum.

Michaele said...

I will take all the mint tea you can make : )