Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sugar...Oh Sugar Honey..You Are My Candy Girl?

                                             Down...but not out.

So, most people who know me KNOW that I am not into sweets.  I never have been.  I AM, or was, into carbs as in pasta, potatoes, and bread.  Also love eggs and cheese. I love me a martini every now and again..but no booze since Jenn and I shared one at the coast!

I counted carbs like crazy this week. I exercised. Did not focus on weight.  Took my glucose readings.  Coffee makes my sugar go up by 20 points!  My fasting glucose on Wednesday was too high but was lower than a month ago.140.

I did weigh yesterday even though I said I was not going to focus on pounds lost..just on glucose readings.  Guess what?  (chickenbutt)

I gained two pounds and fasting glucose was 160! Normal is 100 or below. I'm going back to Paleo and I will take fenugreek (thanks Shankari).  I lost weight doing Paleo and that has to make a difference.  I know it. Perhaps my cardiologist was wheat of any kind for me. Dr. Shah said.."apple people like you cannot lose eating wheat or legumes. No grains.  PERIOD.

I will find what works for me.  For me.  I'll tell ya this though..I was so fricken' careful this week and I gained two pounds AND my fasting is UP....not gonna do it. 

I'll let ya know how it is going next week.  Gee..I sure will miss that 1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast every single day.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

100 and 145 or bust!

My goal is to reduce my blood glucose to 100 and my weight to 145.  I look great at 145.  So got the diabetes diagnoses ..finally.  I have been working to stay away from it but not hard enough.  I gain, I lose.  I gain.  I lose.

I need to stay the course.  I can use your help and support.

I am not on medication for diabetes II, and I don't want to be.

I am going to classes on how to manage it..well, they start next week.  I hate going to classes.  I really do.  I think it was all those years in college..and working full time.  All schooled out.  But I'll go..or I will give it a shot.  I have been studying online as well.  This link on carb counting was very helpful.

So, went to the dr. in early May and weighed a whopping 211 lbs.  I weighed yesterday... 202.  Our scales are a lb apart. My fasting glucose was high...145.  Heck I'd be thrilled to lose 45 glucose points and 45 lbs!  That would be awesome.  A lb. at a time.  Will weigh weekly..on Sat.  I get my glucose meter on Tuesday so will be sharing those numbers too.  I'll be able to see which foods are best for me.

So, have been eating foods to lower and stabilize my glucose.

I will be posting about this journey until I lose the sugar and the weight.