Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank You for Bidding on My Food!!

Matzoh Ball Soup...pillowy bites of goodness in a rich and mouthwatering broth. Thanks to Jill Morales-Ratner and Gretchen Steinberg!
Holishke's before they are baked....stuffed cabbage rolls. I use beef and lamb. Thanks to Denise Marshall and Kate Washington!
Holishke's before the tomato and spice sauce is added over the top..and then baked.

I will be making these dishes for the bake sale and they all come from "Jewish Cooking" by Marlena Spieler...a Sacramento native and internationally known cookbook author and food writer. I don't bake cakes, cookies, etc. I learned I could offer something else so I chose three things I love, love, love to make...and they are delish! Jewish Deli's are few and far between in Sacramento....I think there is one in Fair Oaks still. The highest bidder on each item will also get a signed copy of Jewish Cooking by Marlena. She was kind enough to agree to sign them...she loves Japan and the people...oh, and the food!! She will be in town around that time. Yay!

Check out Munchie Musings for more info. She also has a FB fan page. I guess the bidding begins April 1st and 2nd. I could freeze and ship the Holishke's...with some dry ice. You'd have to pay the shipping though..if you want to bid on it Here. here are my offerings:

Matzoh Ball Soup...all organic

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, or Holishke's ...all organic

Chopped Liver...12.00 per pint or all 3 pints for $32.00 (poached in schmaltz) organic/free range and thanks to Bonnie Zobel Karoly for buying my (no, not mine) chopped liver!!

$222.00 earned for relief efforts in Japan. Thank you all! I got the Chocolate Fish Coffee basket! I think the total earned was around $3500.00. Woot!'s not Kosher as I don't have a Kosher kitchen. Again...go HERE to bid on April 1st and 2nd. All items will be on that facebook page. Thanks! (If you have trouble bidding....please leave me a comment!)


Mel said...
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Joanna Jenkins said...

Now THAT'S my idea of a bake sale. I wish more people offered a variety of dishes. YUM.
have a great weekend, jj

TaraDharma said...

wowie, that's some good food there. Good luck with it all! Dreaming of the day, soon, I will be able to eat your food for true and for real!

Cape Coop said...
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