Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Retro Kitchen "Re-model" Continues....

By the time I finish my kitchen/diningroom, retro will be out-of-fashion.  Oh well, I seem to be behind the curve most of the time.  La-di-da.

I made a mood board with cabinet paint ideas, flooring ideas, etc.  I already have the retro table and chairs...which I believe are from the late 40's.  I have the retro bar stools, the retro buffet, and retro lamps.

I can't imagine painting those damned cuboard's myself..but probably will.  Have done it in the past, before I had achey-breaky neck and knee joints!

The floor...well, that is another matter. is my mood board.  What do you like?

    um..just realized after posting this..that clicking on thumbnails does not enlarge them.  Well, whatdoyouthink about the floor possibilities?  Those are the easy to see blocks of forbo marmoleum ideas.  (Hey...if you right click on the photo you want to look at, you can then click on view image and it will give you an icon to enlarge image...whew!)