Monday, February 18, 2008

Somethin's Cookin Round Here

For the first time in 7 days, I am cooking. Other than feeling a bit dizzy and still coughin, I am up and walking amongst the living. I can't say the same for my dear husband. He is down and out. This viral flu thing is a killer.

Today I needed some comforting, so made a meatloaf. Is that two words or one? I actually ventured to the grocery store yesterday and picked up a few things. That was a huge deal! That and actually taking a shower and washing my hair.

So with my meat loaf, I am having some roasted fingerling potatoes and lemon broccoli. No canned soup for me today! The house smells good. I think I'll go cozy up next to hubby and watch a movie...The Year of the Dog.

Here is what I ate while I was sick:

Chicken noodle soup, chicken broth, chicken noodle soup, chicken broth, vanilla yogurt, Horizan organic cottage cheese (2%), saltines, green tea, lots o water.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Leak

My eyes are watering, gunk from my nose drains 24/7, I hurl crud from my lungs, and my joints hurt. Hell, my eye sockets ache!

I don't feel well.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Only My Fish Monger Knows For Sure

Last night KCRA channel 3 (Sacramento) reported on an investigation into what some area sushi joints are passing off as red snapper. Turns out red snapper is very expensive since it is over-fished. All places, except Mikuni, substituted talapia (most cases) or white bass (one case) for what was on the menu as red snapper. Also turns out that talapia costs about a buck a lb., New Zealand red snapper is about 6 bucks a pound, while Red Sea Bream, or Tai, is about 16 bucks a pound.

No one seems to really know if the restaurants buy the "false fish" knowingly...however channel 3 reported that one restaurant showed them a bag of the frozen fish they were serving as red snapper.. and it was clearly marked talapia. Hmmmm.

I guess it all depends on if you are being charged for the higher priced red snapper, or maybe you like eating raw talapia, or maybe you just want the menu to reflect what they are really selling.

What do you say? I say if I want red snapper, I am going to Mikuni..and I'll pay what I expect to pay for it.

Here is the list from KCRA website:

Izumi, Roseville: tilapia
Umisaka, Rocklin: white bass
Miyagi, Sacramento: tilapia
Mikuni, downtown Sacramento: red sea bream (red snapper)
Oshima, Sacramento: tilapia
Fuji Chef, Davis; tilapia
Sushi Nobu, Davis: tilapia
Daruma, West Sacramento: tilapia

Friday, February 01, 2008

I Can't Get Enough of that Stuff!

I love radishes. If I bother to clean, trim, and put them in a bowl of cold water..I will eat them all. I love a little salt on em.

Here is a list of other stuff I will eat up if it's on hand:

Smoked Gouda Goat Cheese

Hard boiled eggs..that are now cold...also deviled eggs.

Nathan's Kosher Dills-sliced in half...must be cold.

Vlasic Tobassco Dills..must be cold.

Jalapeno or blue cheese stuffed green olives..big ones.

Cold Kim Chee...a jar has never lasted more than two days.

Cooked hot wings with blue cheese dip..and celery sticks.

Cucumbers..I eat em like mad in the summer.

Leftover pasta with red sauce.

Canned whole-peeled tomatoes..good ones.

Here is Dave's List:

Sharp Cheddar Tillamook Cheese


Banana Cream Pie

Smokehouse Almonds

Peanut M & M's

Hagen Daz Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Asagio & Black Pepper Bread, buttered and then grilled.

Our Cat Simon's List:

Cheese (I hear Dave open the cheese drawer and I come running)

Popcorn (When I hear it popping, I come running)

Doritos (When I hear the bag open, I come running)

Ice Cream (When Dave opens the freezer drawer, I come running).

What do just have to eat if it is in your house?