Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday with Marcia Lowry-Gardens and Molly Update

Kitchen garden 2010 - lettuce, peas, spinach, cabbage families, cucumbers, beets, turnips
Animal garden 2010 - pumpkins, mangles (fodder beets), carrots, parships
Out garden 2010 - garlic, potatoes, onions, kale, chard, green beans, summer and winter squash and corn

Molly milk cow has about 10-14 days until her calf is due. She seems quite a bit bigger to me than when she was this far along with last year's baby Andi - and is visibly uncomfortable....loves to be brushed and scratched in all the places she can't reach :))
Molly and Andi come into the corral from the pasture for part of the day to get away from the flies and, if they wish, the sun. Andi has really grown in almost a year!


Mel said...

Beautiful Ranch! Marcia..the growing season is short in you have a greenhouse!

Molly is laying down. That is good. Who is Andi?

Marcia said...

VERY short growing season here - 80-90 days at best. We do have a passive solar greenhouse which works year-round - will post on that later.

Andi is the Holstein (black & white) heifer in the picture. She is Molly's last year's baby born mid-August 09.

Molly lays down A LOT! She was bred to an Angus bull so we're hoping for a little black bull calf who will be our grass-fed beef in 24 months.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, that is my dream garden, which would also make it my dream yard! I seriously have garden envy :-)

Pat said...

Hi Marcia! I also have garden envy! I have room for tomatoes, green beans, eggplant, green and yellow squash, peppers and cukes. All very limited. I miss Wyoming...the pics are stunning. And I love your cows:)

Carolyn Jung said...

I'd kill for a garden like that! 'Course, I'd kill for a green thumb, too! LOL

Cindy said...

Hi Marcia,

I saw an article about you in Home Power Magazine (I think that was the name). I see that you are living on the ranch. Good for you!!! Your gardens look great!! I am battling squash bugs and stink bugs. We have a longer growing season, but that just gives the bugs more time to multiply.

Cindy in Texas