Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Got Taters? You can grow them in California!

Today I pulled two types of russets and yukon golds.
I was watering and as the dirt washed away...voila! I had to work a bit harder to get to the yukon golds.

I planted the seedling potatoes near St. Paddy's day and I am getting quite the production now!

I see potato salad, hash browns, mashed potatoes, french fries......what do you see?


Marcia said...

We're thinking vodka with our extras :)))

Hey - welcome back - hope you had a wonderful vacation!

shankari said...


Carolyn Jung said...

Gee, I wonder if even, I, "Black Thumb Jung,'' could grow potatoes? I am good with basil and other herbs. But I just might have to try growing my own taters now, too.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Latkes came to my mind too! Then again-- just plain baked or roasted would be so great-- Anything freshly picked is awesome.

I'm just back from vacation and off to catch up on the posts I missed.

Have a great weekend,

margaret said...

Those potatoes are excellent - when I glanced at the first photo I thought they were some kind of exotic egg!