Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings about Sundays with Marlena Spieler

It is Monday, right?

I was looking back through my archives last night and found this post about making one of Julia Child's signature dishes. We were celebrating Dave's birthday and had just seen the movie, Julie and Julia. I just watched it again this a.m. and it meant so much more to me this time that the cooking through and blogging about Jewish Cooking has been going on for about two months now.

I stole the idea straight from Julie Powell..and she knows it. She has been very kind about it..thankfully. Sure, ours has the whole Jewish theme going on...but I admire Marlena Spieler as much as she did Julia Child. We've had our 15 minutes of "fame" and that may be all we ever get. The most important things for me have already happened:

1. I actually met Marlena Spieler...and later she was cooking in my very own kitchen. We had corresponded for three years and I really only hoped to meet her one day but I never imagined she'd be in my house. I was floating the entire day...but I didn't gush all over her, or her aunt. I wish Julie Powell could have experienced that with Julia Child...I really do.

2. I am learning more about my heritage..thru cooking which was my goal when I began this project. My blogger pals have their own reasons for getting on board. It has brought me the fondest memories and smells of my mother's cooking.... and it has been sweet. When Marlena said something to the effect of, "this smells like a Jewish kitchen"....well, I was verklempt. Seriously.

3. I have corresponded, briefly, with Julie Powell. I actually asked if she'd go take a look at our blogs and give her feedback. She did.. and I really appreciate that so much. I really like her...pick up her new book, "Cleaving" and don't be a prude. Please.

4. I have been "introduced" to some of Marlena's wonderful friends, via Facebook. She is so loved, so admired. She deserves it too. What a heart she has! Her friends, turns out, do too. Go figure.

So, it has happened. Nirvana.

Keep checking back on Sundays for our offerings from Jewish Cooking. In the mean time, I think I'll offer up some recipes from some of her other cookbooks. Why not? That's how I roll.

Blessings to my co-bloggers Eileen and Shankari

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lhahn said...

This is a great project and I know how much you've admired Marlena over the years. I know this will be a long-cherished memory for you and maybe someday I will get some good latkes from you - I might even come over for them!