Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1960 Casserole....dinner tonight

In the beginning.....there was a 1960 casserole..ready to be baked!
And, then it was.
A perfect serving.
The look on my granddaughters face when served to her. (photo courtesy of Mike Harris)

Well..use what you have. Tonight, I had potatoes, some ham and some bacon..oh, and some cheese.

Ended up with a "scalloped potato and pork casserole". Dave was happy!

Speaking of my dear husband Dave. He came home and made pie crust dough for tomorrow. It has cream cheese in it. :) We celebrated around the Festivus Pole. :)


TaraDharma said...

ah, Festivus! One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. The BEST sitcom ever, ever, ever!

TaraDharma said...

great t.v. spot, Melly!

Eileen said...

That is exactly what I always do with my left over ham!! Here I thought I was so original LOL

Dale said...

Bacon is the reason for the season and life, no? Happy Holidays!

Susan said...

Mel-this is Susan Haun Chavis, and I love this blog! How creative you are!!! And the pictures are wonderful! I'm on facebook so hopefully we can start communicating. Your brother John gave me this site, and it's GREAT!