Saturday, April 18, 2009

So it Begins

We bought these from They make it look easy. They forget to tell you that one must screw all of the hinges on first. Dave was out there for several hours today..but it was worth it! This is how he tells me he loves me...and I love it, and him.
Now we must move the top soil from the these beds. That's all. Anyone have an extra wheelbarrow and some muscle..nothing to do in the morning? We'll give you fresh veggies! If anyone needs a burial plot in the future, we could probably arrange that too. :)

The very best dirt money can buy! A "super blend" from Hasties in Sacramento. Nice people to deal with..and humorous (hummus too). This is six cubic yards.

I bought some "already started veggies" like tomatoes, fennel, herbs, and celery.

I spent too much on seeds..and did buy two packets of flowers. It'll pay off though! I am so excited about having a garden once again.
Check back in to see if we get the veggies planted tomorrow....or if we end up in the beds.
Oh, grow up!


Peg said...

OMG! Looking at all the dirt that needs to be moved made me TIRED. I'm going back to bed, or else plant potatoes. Now I'm confused!

It's going to be beautiful!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

No..we moved a few wheel barrows full and decided to hire someone to move the other 56! I won't get to play in the garden until I get back from Portland, May 3rd. I go to Portland the day the dirt movers arrive!

Get those tires filled with dirt!

Hahn at Home said...

I did some gardening over at Shari's yesterday - put in a new layer of soil, mulch, and manure and planted some veggies for her. It felt good - can't wait to do it at my own house - should I ever actually have one.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Keeuuuuuul L. Did you do the butt test first?

Peg said...

hmm. butt test?

Lynn said...

This framing system looks great. I've had a few people ask about doing raised beds, I'll have to refer them to your post!