Friday, April 17, 2009

AnnBob Pie

My friend Ann at brougt us some pie. She brought Eva with her. It was one fantastic morning! Eva is one smart little girl...and so very cute.
She brought this pie in a lovely pie plate..but I took it out and put it in this grey pie plate. We have been going back n forth with pots, etc. so I transferred the wonderful pie to our pie we wouldn't have to keep returning pots/plates.
This Apple Cardamom pie was to die for! Ann made the filling and Bob made the crust. It was perfect. My in laws and us ate it up within one night.
Here is the funny thing. I ordered fabulous organic dirt from "Hasties"...per Ann's rec. They called today and my husband heard me saying, "how fantastic...can you deliver tomorrow?" He says to me, "are you talking to Ann? Are we getting more pie tomorrow?" I say, "no dweepwad, we are getting organic soil!" He is still he loves that I am planting veggies.

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Peg said...

That has to be a classic. Are we getting more pie??
Again, I have to chuckle....