Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turkey Continued..and hitting the gym

Some nice turkey broth to freeze..and some delicious soup with rice-like pasta..what is that called?
I can "milk" a turkey for sure. One year, I even dried out the bones and painted them for christmas decorations. I had a tumbleweed "tree" that year. It seemed appropriate at the time.

Well, I got back to the gym beginning yesterday and went again today. I must thank my friend Lori for "encouraging" me. It helps lots to have someone else doing the same thing. After learning of Sher's death, I knew I had to stop talkin and start walkin. It's pathetic that it took something so tragic to motivate me...but it did. With the change in my eating habits, this should help pull me into several ways.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

It's called Orzo and my family loves it! I just made some yesterday but as a side dish. Nice stash of broth too!

Glenna said...

mmmm....yum! Orzo's one of my favorite pastas in soup and isn't that the greatest feeling knowing you have your own homemade, nothing added that you didn't put there, broth in the freezer? You go, girl!