Sunday, August 17, 2008

Turn out the lights, the canning's over....

1.This box was heaped full of roma tomatoes from the garden.
2. Ya have to take the skins off of all those tomatoes, ya have to sanitize all the jars and lids, ya have to squeeze the juice from the tomatoes, ya have to fill the jars, get the air out, then put in processor for 45 minutes...each batch.
3. this is what the reward was/is. fresh tomatoes this winter. I also have a pitcher filled with tomato water and pulp. what should I do with that?

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Eileen and Sue said...

good for you! I have about 5 tomatoes that haven't ripened yet. Besides, I don't can..freeze, yes. I don't have enough tomoatoes to do either. Poor me LOL