Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tyler Florence and his daddy's meatloaf..and sides

I watched Tyler today..his "ultimate meatloaf recipe". I made it exactly as he presented it today on his Food Network show. One thing he screwed up on, IMO, was not telling the audience to let the pepper/onion/tomato mixture 'chill' before adding it to the meat. Before I added the very hot pepper mixture to the beef and pork mixture, I incorporated ice cubes to lower the temp..before adding it to the meatloaf.

I made the beans with the onions and bacon, and I made the Yukon Gold potatoes which were mashed with butter and cream. It was " The Ultimate Meatloaf Dinner"...even though my husband thought there were way too many peppers in the meatloaf. My husband said, "it was so delicious...just fantastic". As he went to bed he said, "I think the peppers overpowered the meatloaf..but I loved the potatoes and green beans with the bacon.


Hahn at Home said...

Looks fabulous!

Eileen and Sue said...

looks good, I love meatloaf. I think that is the recipe in the cookbook of his that I have. I really like Paula Deans Barbeque meatloaf.