Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Can't Frickin Bake..and other rants! I can't bake. I can cook, but can't bake. I've tried to 20 years ago, but it just never worked out for me.

So, today I decided to make a strawberry/rhubarb pie for my husband. I used the recipe from Problem #1..I can't make I bought em. Problem instant tapioca mix. I used 1/2 cup of flour instead.

I went outside to water my roses and other stuff...and smoke was coming out of my patio doors! The entire inside of the pie was dripping onto the baking sheet and then onto the bottom of my oven! This causes burning and then smoke. I turn down my oven and turn on the fans and open the windows.

Dave comes home and says, "something smells sort of good". The smoke was gone by then. The pie turned into a cobbler...a very "loose" interpretation of a cobbler. Dave said it was delicious..but then he would say that.

Okay, and so I am also disappointed that my interview with Marlena Spieler didn't get any feedback at the Sacramento Food Forums. Hell, she is no slouch..and it took me over a year to get the interview! I see that over 90 people have read it..but not one person has commented on it. BTW...she asks the same thing. "Have you gotten any feedback?"

I am also pissed that I keep trying to get the link for my forums to come up..and it won't! GRRRRRR. I am frustrated. I should never, ever bake! If you want to go to the forums..look over to the left and click on em. The interview is under "chit chat with the professionals". Heck, I am so frustrated I can't even spell.

I am also pissed about the fact the porn-type spam has invaded the forums to the point that I have to "approve" anyone who that people who find the site and want to see what is happening, have to NOW register to even read the forums.

Okay...I will never bake again. It makes me angry.

Here is another thing that just chaps my ass: Gay partners not being able to marry and access benefits. That is just an outrage! It has nothing to do with not being able to bake...but it is something that I find outrageous. As if heterosexuals have done such a great job at being married. Gays should have as much right to being married, being divorced, and fighting over settlements as much as anyone else! Let's say they do as well as we do at the marriage thing, which ain't saying much...then let their partners recieve the benefits they deserve. I am sick of the religion card being thrown in to defend heterosexual marriages..."the sanctity of marriage". Dave and I are not religious...and we got married so that I could recieve his insurance and pension benefits. No other reason. It should be the same for EVERYONE! It works for us.

P.S. Next time I bake, look forward to another rant on the injustice most illegal immigrants are going thru, consumerism, and the evils of high fructose corn syrup.


Mike S said...

You've picked up a new regular reader. Other than the obvious choice of enjoying life with SWMBO, I love food and cooking. I also CANNOT bake, except cornbread with a fruit (berrys, pineapple, etc)spread through it.
Gonna hafta be sure to eat before reading though. Just pretend I'm going to the store, never on an empty stomach.

Natalie said...

i love cobbler and pie. i can make both, but cobbler is way easier and always comes out pretty. living overseas i have to make my piecrusts and it is the thing i hate the most about it all. the reason i choose to make a cobbler over pie almost every time!

Eileen and Sue said...

I have a great fool proof recipe for pie crust..the only down side is it makes about 5 crusts but on the upside you can freeze it and use again some other time. I'll post it on my blog soon

Omyword! Did I Say That? said...

Ahhhh. A good rant is always refreshing. Thanks. And I thoroughly agree with the gay marriage thing. It makes me just as angry, even tho I'm straight, so I rant about it in my political blog. :-)

Have you tried to put your Marlena Spieler interview post on and Just a thought.

I also can't bake. I am a skilled cook, but not when it comes to pies, cakes, cookies. I think it has to do with, um, measuring. I like to intuitively toss things together, adding accents based on smell and taste. A sprinkle of this, a tetch of that. Baking is more precise.