Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Special Ingredients Added

I always make spaghetti and meatballs when I don't feel like being creative. It is comforting and gets the job done. My brother gave me the "jar" in 1996, for Christmas. I cherish it. Here's the story:

Our family was moving into a house in Yukon, Oklahoma. We had cleaned, unpacked, and it was time for dinner. My oldest sis and I decided to make spaghetti. We didn't have a colander, so when draining the noodles, we held the lid on..so that the water would slowly drain from the pot and into the sink (which we hadn't cleaned yet). Well, the steam hit our arms and we dropped the noodles into the sink. We scooped em up quickly, before anyone saw what happened. We added a few cans of tomatoe sauce, a few shakes of Italian seasoning..and that was it. Hey, I was 12 and she was 16.

My brother was the first to discover a small nail, and then my youngest sis discovered a few matches..and then there were those annoying balls of dried paint. Well, we did end up laughing about it..and I am pretty sure my mom made more spaghetti. I can't make it though, without thinking of the "special ingredients" I once added.


Mike S said...

A memory worth keeping alive & well. I make what I'm told is killer spaghetti sauce. The funny part is that I have no real idea what I put into it other than imagination as it's NEVER done the same way twice. The only recipes I commit to paper are those I know ahead of time I'll be expected to produce. Who uses recipes? Probably explains my abject failure in attempts to bake:)

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...


I am the same when it comes to spaghetti..I never make it the same twice.

I use recipes when it is something new I am making..and even then I tweek it to my liking.

It's why I hate to bake..even when I follow the recipe it fails.

Eileen and Sue said...

That is great. Those are the best kinds of recipies to have. That was probably the best spaghetti too.

Shankari said...

LOL! I am sure you can never make spaghetti without thinking abt this incident. Did you get the tea? How did you like it?

sher said...

I loved reading that! I've used that lid technique too--and usually lose a lot of the pasta into the sink. But, you story is priceless