Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marlena Replies to Post Comments

> comments are so sweet, and so touching, and have really lifted my
> so much! i'm in new york at jfk waiting for my flight to chicago,
> to check my email, and now feel like a million bucks. so sweet.
> and yes, i do believe that fred's last name is spelled exactly like
> luzzi! he used to raise bees, and put up jars of honey, labeled:
honey by
> fred. my husband still calls him: honey by fred, even though the bees
> long gone.
> fred is such a lovely guy. such a lovely guy. and it makes me happy
> to think that summer--and tomato season--are coming up!
> tomatoes! peaches! blogs, and very nice people! its all just so
> good!
> and i've never been to chicago, am meeting up with a bunch of
> promoting their pasta, tomatoes and olive oil, it should be a lot of
> in that neapolitan southern italian way. then its back to new york,
> with robert seitsma of the village voice which should be a hoot.
> going to queens with a group of hungry young things, destination:
> something ethnic and obscure and savory. i can hardly wait.
> x marlena

[She said it was okay to post her recent email. Thanks Miss Lori Hahn for spreading the news and thanks to all who commented on the interview. You guys made her day..and mine] Mel
Marlena Spieler

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Mike S said...

And I found a super new blog I'd been meaning to check on forever. Thanks.