Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frick and Frack

So how goes the blood glucose testing, the eating, the blood glucose testing, the carb counting, and the occasional weigh in?

Fasting number

I miss the days of just grabbing something to eat...believing with all of my heart that it was healthy for me.  For Me.

Cheese?  out. I love you Feta Cheese but you must have been the cause of my 30 pt. blood glucose spike after breakfast.  Yes, I had a Greek salad for breakfast. Tomatoes, cukes, some spinach, some onion, 2 TB extra virgin olive oil, and fresh squeezed lemon juice..and some pepper AND 1/2 cup jasmine BROWN rice. Of course, it could have been the tsp of creamer in my coffee..or my coffee.  Testing will drive a girl frickin nuts.  Frack!  I bet it was those 5 Kalamata Olives I chopped & topped it with.

 I made a salad like this to last 4 days.  I guess I'll have to pick out all of the Feta,    and those olives too.  Feta first...test next.. then I'll determine how to proceed. ~photo from food network because mine turned out like crap

(oh..did I tell ya?  I gained 3 lbs.  Not to worry lovies... me left foot probably weighs that much.  I'll stop watching my glucose and it will fall off..eventually)


Anonymous said...

I love it that you are blogging again, Mel. I love ALL the content. Thank you for making it real!
Linda Nygaard

Anonymous said...

AHA!! I can make a comment if I do it anon and on my PC. I think my iPod is a piece of crap in that it won't let me do lots of things.


Tara Crowley said...

I have been tested BG for 20 years and it does get better. I'm surprised though, that fetta would raise you sugars that much. Hmmmm.

The latest thing I've had to cut out both for weight and diabetic issues: alcohol. Oh, the weeping and the wailing over my lost martinis and port!