Saturday, October 06, 2012

When the Cardiologist Speaks....I Listen (mostly)

                           Matzoh Balls
                           Fried Schnitzel (or those mashed potatoes)

No fried anything.  No flour..not even almond or rice flour.  Only lean meats and some fish.  Non-starchy veggies.  No sweet potatoes either.  No bread.  No pasta, of course.  Not even gluten free. Some fruits.  No alcohol...especially no beer.  Nothing fermented.  No Kim Chee?!'s Paleo but Dr. Shah says he puts fat little apple shaped people (like me) on this plan because it's the only way to lose BELLY FAT. Weight Watchers has too much starch Melody... He also said  "I was cool with Paleo before Paleo was cool".  Love Dr. Shah.

I have gotten used to eating a lean hamburger in between crunchy lettuce leaves!  I have learned to be creative with my veggies...experimenting with tons of salads that don't contain lettuce.

Nothing like a heart attack scare, a stint in the hospital, and an angiogram to make this woman a believer!!

I am told that when I reach my goal weight, I can begin to add some of my favorite things back into my diet.  Like legumes.  I love beans.  Perhaps some pasta from time to time.  Oh...and yes...I want some god damned mashed potatoes!!!   (and some kim chee please)

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