Saturday, May 14, 2011

Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos....workshop online

Penny De Los Santos thinks the sauce looks like a clown face....
The prop guy "supports" her for the photo shoot. Karen Shinto, food stylist, is amazing!

I would eat those kabobs. Find it at Penny's website here.

Last photo of the day...workshop guests will get to take turns photographing it
and after Karen did her magic..used all REAL food
Lighting is everything....that is not a tea towel drying. :)
Prepping to back light the mussels.....
Penny shoots in that small area. I love her food photography..often seen on and in Saveur!
I loved this first shot...give emotion to your food she says..with lighting
That was the shot...but my shot of it isn't so great.

Bacon, eggs and grits. Beautiful.

This was my lunch....I tried to photograph it...needed more diffusion! That round plate was just wrong.
Practice shot....on the grits
Finding the right citrus shot....loved the knife in the shot. Penny is amazing. Her team was too...and she collaborated with them every step of the way. No Diva there.

The lady to your right cooked all day. :)

My fave shot...but I think they used a smaller plate version as "the one".
Penny and Karen stylist.


Mel said...

I have so many comments and photos...but this was the start! What a great live online workshop.

Tara Rinaldi said...

Fascinating...there is a lot more to it than one would think! No point and shoot stuff, here.

How was this an on-line workshop? Curious minds want to know....

Penny does beautiful work.

Mel said...

She announced that she'd be doing Anyhoo..I registered a few weeks back. It was three days long but only made one day. Ordered the three days for 99 bucks on DVD though. Got it today! That is an (in person) $901.00 savings!

She is amazing..