Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blasts from the past

This snail race was fun. The snail closest to you kept trying to make a u-turn!
Warning! These are addictive.
One of my favorite pics of Ethan.
Preserving Meyer Lemons was fun...and I am still using them.
Had a wonderful time making clams for the grandkids..on vacation at the coast! Elaina loves her clams..and so does Ethan. They also love salmon roe..eaten with chopstix.
My favorite...preserved tomatoes over quinoa pasta.
Deep-fried baby artichokes with grey salt.
Frozen pom seeds. Oh, and those vacuum-sealed beets from Trader Joe's.
My fave meal...lamb and veggies. Well, one of my favorite meals.
Yes...I always have some chicken fat for schmaltz-making in the freezer. I also save bacon grease. Don't mix em up though. :)
I love brown basmati rice.
Brick...my new favorite thing. I love Brick a L'Oeuf.

I am off to Portland for 9 days. Can't wait to get there! Dave and the cats will hold down the fort.

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Dana said...

The baby artichokes look gorgeous! How did you prepare them?