Sunday, August 15, 2010

Putting the Schnit Back in Schnitzel-from the Archives

Veal Schnitzel, Garlic Mashed Garden Potatoes, Cole Slaw
Bought a veal roast and then cut my steaks...time to pound after that. Not too thin.
Egg mixture with seasoning AND plenty of lemon zest, flour with seasoning, Italian Bread Crumbs. In egg mixture, then flour, then back to egg, then finish in the bread crumbs.
Get canola oil hot...fry quickly on both sides. We don't want overdone veal! Crisp on the outside.
Delish. I made it last night too..but instead of cole slaw, we had green beans seasoned with bacon, lemon zest, and sliced almonds along with a gravy of bacon bits, cream, and mushrooms and a bit of lemon zest. See a theme here? Lemon makes everything better!

If ya eat lamb, why can't ya eat veal? You can use pork too, or chicken..or turkey.


Eileen said...

looks really good!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I've never made this before but it looks easier than I thought. Thanks for sharing.