Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gardening.... and other stuff from this week first potato. So exciting!!

Tomatoes are coming right are the Armenian striped cukes
Future Meyer Lemons
Garden weeded!
Savory, Lemon Thyme, Basil..before I weeded the gardenStella wets her paw in water bowl, presses into her food, eats it off her paw.
Stella says, "so?.... you have strange eating habits too."
English Lavender ....will soon be a sachet
Wrap it up...put it in the car, a drawer (I think I'll slip it into Dave's underwear drawer)


Marcia said...

Wonderful! We are much slower here...have been eating salads from the garden and POTATO salad from the cellar :)) Aren't cats just cool and quirky?? Your lavender is beautiful - maybe you could infuse some into lavender water and spray your ironing (does anyone iron anymore?)

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a fabulous garden!!! I so don't have a green thumb but I'm 4 tomato plants again this year.

I've never had a potato picked from from the garden. I bet it's amazing.

Happy weekend,

Mel said...

I have not ironed anything in YEARS. My MIL irons all the time. She irons t-shirts!

I do like to spray sheets with lavender water!

JJ...I love that it is 3 feet high..two beds. Marcia has acres of garden, right M?

TaraDharma said...

I love love love lavender! I once bought a bag of cloth tea bags and bundled up lavender into them. Stuck them everywhere - drawers, car 'glove box', purse. Great stuff.

Congrats on your first potato. Years ago I grew them and they are the best!

Pat said...

When did you plant the potatoes? It's such a beauty! I have lavender for the first time this year...just beginning to flower. Can't wait to harvest it and pack it into a sachet. I hate to iron...remember when mom was paid 10 cents a piece?