Saturday, June 05, 2010

Food We Cooked/Que'd This Week

Those Memorial Day ribs....oh my. They don't call him Grilldave for nothin'.
Dave had to have a burger and fries one night. Potato buns are the best.
It looks like a lot of oil...but I barely used any. Hmmmm.
Seared scallops in a basil/tomato/artichoke/shallot/meyer lemon sauce over quinoa pasta. It was Holy Crap Good!
Dave's low and slow cooked ribs were sublime .....although he used Pappy's rub and it was a tad salty this time. He also brined the ribs before he added the rub.
Mom's potato salad recipe was a usual. :)
Dave put a marinade of herbs and lime juice under the skin for an hour before he brined the chicken first.
Dave made this killer Thai dipping sauce for the BBQ'd Chicken. Sooo just right spicy/sweet.
My garlic/kosher pickled veggies were refreshing with Memorial Weekend BBQ.


Joanna Jenkins said...

The food at your house looks AMAZING! I'm drooling reading this.

I think brined chicken always tastes better.... I just have to remember to plan ahead.

Happy weekend,

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

JJ...You need to stop by and read Sundays with Marlena Spieler...special category. My blogger buddies and I are just completing a cooking/blogging project thru her Jewish Cooking cookbook! We began in November, 09.

Yep..Dave made great bbq chicken thighs today and I made potato leek soup..which I prefer to eat cold.