Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Stuff I Like

Line caught preserved wild salmon courtesy of my DIL's Aunt and Uncle!
Stanley lays on my suitcase..."don't leave again please."
The new cat loves an old bag..and chasing Stan out of the bedroom window.
Best tomatoes....well, 'cept for REAL San Marzano from Italy.
My Azaleas
This bumper sticker
Artichokes...freshly steamed
Buddy...not wanting to sit still for a photo
Elaina and I... the summer we had the pig roast.


Eileen said...

great pictures!

TaraDharma said...

Your granddaughter looks so much like you! And Stanley looks just like my Oscar.

I once got several jars of salmon caught by a friend of mine who lives in Alaska. He was down visiting and knew what a salmon fiend I am. Salmon salad and salmon sandwiches for weeks! Yum!

margaret said...

I am sure Stanley and New Cat like salmon too...

lhahn said...

Love the pics, Mel - veddy nice!