Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bison have short ribs?

after browning in dutch oven...dusted with flour and seasoning first
Pass sauce through sieve and de-fat.
The short ribs were covered and then braised in this wine (for Lori) and beef stock for 3 hours on 325 degrees.
This sauce was soooooo good. Added the meat back in and threw in some cooked green beans.


I made grass fed bison short ribs and served them over jasmine white and brown rice. They were delicious and the sauce was decadent. I thickened the sauce with a bit of cold water and potato starch...shaken in a jar.


Peg said...

Hmm. Hahn Estates. I like that. And, I believe it may be, "Bison has short ribs."

christine said...

I love this recipe. A grass fed Bison is a flavorful meat compared to a grain fed one. By the way, I think I saw another Bison recipe at foodista (Http://, check it out sometime.

Linda said...

This looks absolutely fabulous, Mel. LOVE short ribs and it looks like the bison meant not so much fat/grease as beef! Lovely. Yum. I'm ready to come over for dinner!