Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sundays with Marlena Spieler-The Menu

Chocolate Babka
Linzertorte with housemade ice cream
So they left out the Z-Koont is a good name too.
The Menu
House made pickles!
Zchug, sweet/sour cucumber salad with flatbread and baba ghanoush
Matzo Ball Soup
Brik A'louef with stuffed courgettes and housemade harissa. It was served standing up between the courgettes! You try cooking an egg over easy that you cannot see! The salmon inside was also delightful. Thanks Gayle!!
Brisket with cabbage and kishke...perfect!

Photo's of the "Jewish Menu" from Oak Cafe at American River College's Culinary Arts Program courtesy of Judith R. Scott.

Last week, my adaptation of Marlena Spieler's recipes were featured. My husband and I...with his parents went to lunch there on Friday. It was a fantastic and delicious presentation. The students "kicked ass" on the menu. So very gourmet! Yes....Gourmet Jewish Food! My thanks to Teresa Urkofsky for asking me to present a menu. I was verklempt! From so much pleasure, one could plotz! {the desserts were inspired by Clarrisa Hyman}

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shankari said...

Just beautiful! The students love what they do and you can see and taste that in the food they cook

Anonymous said...

Melly, What an honor!! It really makes me smile. Wish I could get you for Justin's school. (Pittsburgh Culinary-Cordon Bleu)


Carolyn Jung said...

Oh my gawd. There are few things as wonderful has a chocolate babka. Did you save me a slice? Pretty please?? ;)

Laura [What I Like] said...

You are killing me with these photos...all I had for lunch today was tortilla soup! Is it weird that the pickles are what's making me most excited here?