Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have the Courage of Your Convictions-when making Brik !

Red Lentil Curry Soup was served with the Brik A'louef (Brik with egg)
I love that Julia Child quote..and it is true! First, I made the Harissa. I toasted the cumin, coriander, and caraway seed and then added some dried mint and then used my old coffee grinder to blend it all up.

I added those to my blended peppers..along with some lemon juice, evoo, preserved lemons, chili powder, and 5 cloves of garlic..and some salt. Good and hot!
My non-traditional Brik mise en place. I cracked one egg in a little bowl per Brik.
My traditional Brik mise en place. Tuna in olive oil is a must! Get the good stuff!
So it's not a sue me. My phyllo was not cooperating at all! I must find some Brik! I also want a deep fat fryer if I ever make this again.

I smeared the pastry with the harissa first and then made a well with the when you make your own pasta. I put the egg in the little well and then folded like a mad woman. The phyllo was cracked when I took it out of the package so that was not good...but I went ahead and made some wonderful Brik A'Leouf and I bow down to Marlena Spieler, Betsy McNair, and Eileen Thornton for making it look so darned easy! I am proud to call you my friends...and fellow Brikster's.

It is one of the best things I've ever eaten and I liked the traditional the best. So very good. I even added more harissa on top. I am a spicy woman. I served it with the Red Lentil Curry Soup with some Fage yogurt and cilantro on top. It was a big hit around here!

[please see previous post for ingredient list-photo] Also here is a link that describes the difference between warka or brik, lumpia, and phyllo. OMG..look at this link that shows them actually making the brik dough!!


shankari said...

This is one appetizer that I have wanted to make after seeing Eileen's post and then Marlena's video.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

It would be an appetizer if you used a quail egg. With the soup, it was a meal baby!

Eileen said...

That looks good! I want to try it again. Was it any easier using just an egg yolk? Yes, if the filo isn't perfect it makes it even harder.
OK, now I'm inspired to try again.

Lynn said...

Makes me hungry looking at it Melly. I'm not familiar with Brik and will have to check it out, per the links you've shared.

Carolyn Jung said...

I lust after a deep-fryer. But I'd be too afraid to get one. Knowing me, I'd be frying everything in the house! ;)

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Eileen..I used a whole egg. using the "well" idea it worked.