Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun, Festive, Foodie Finds Form Fabulous Feast

Not finds really...but gifts didn't begin with an F! So appreciated...I love them all.
Toasted the cumin seeds before grinding them. The house smelled wonderful!
Salted the eggplant and let it weep...before I patted it dry and then grilled.
Made a great Greek salad using those meyer lemons. Love feta cheese.
Entree was lemon and pepper pappardelle with cumin, grilled eggplant and white bean puree. Garnished with a mixture of cilantro, parsley, and rocket arugala. I also added two anchovies to the bean puree. It was very delicious.


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I LOVE Corti Brothers store. Whenever I am in Sacramento with my husband to visit his family, I always have to stop there to peruse the aisles. You always find something you need or just have to have.