Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooking, and Dining..... in Portland (part 1)

Lavender Tea House...tomato/basil soup.

Ethan will eat anything if you stab it with a chopstick first!

Loved "Sushi Train"...really fresh sushi and other stuff too!

She cracked eight eggs and didn't get one shell in the mix! She's three.

Elaina was such a little princess at the tea. Then we walked out and she did a flip around a parking meter thingee...her Barbie panties were cute.

We had a lovely time at The Lavender Tea House in Sherwood, Oregon. We had soup, salad, scones, and little cucumber tea sandwiches. Portions were ultra small..and it was all good. Can you tell Elaina loves her mommy?


Peg said...

Those kids are sooo cute!

Pat said...

I'm going to see Whitney and the kids on Thursday. I must find a tea house to take Karah for lunch. What a wonderful idea, thanks!! Elaina and Ethan are really beautiful kids. She looks like you in the photo at the tea house and Ethan does look like John! Genetics are funny, eh?