Sunday, September 06, 2009

What Would Liz Do?

She'd insist on fried chicken at least once every couple of months!

Cast iron..the only way to go when frying chicken. I fried in a bit of bacon fat (which I save in the fridge) and good ol' lard. Oh, I marinated the chicken in buttermilk for 24 hours prior to cooking.

I put the chicken pieces (a few at a time) in a zip lock bag half filled with flour, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, ground ginger, and garlic powder. I then let em sit for 20 minutes prior to cooking. According to Alton Brown, this helps the breading cling to the chicken more effectively. It works.

After browing on med high heat, I throw it in the oven on 375 for about 20 minutes..or till the juices run clear on a thigh.. when poked with a fork. When frying, don't crowd the pan with chicken. If you do, you'll have soggy breading and greasy chicken.

It is moist and delicious. Mashed potates and gravy go well with it...and a big salad..or corn on the cob, or whatever. Then I lean out the back window and call my husband to dinner...never looking worse for the wear.


TaraDharma said...

You look fabulous, dahlink! So does that chicken! OMG, I will have to follow your instructions and make some myself. I am seriously drooling.

Pat said...

Ginger? Never would have thunk it...but I bet it added a punch. Looks delish!!!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Thanks T! this sister Pat? If so, I got the ginger idea from you. Tom Hinkle's grandma put ginger in her flour..she also finished it in the oven. You made the best fried chicken when I was there (Casper trailer) one time..and you told me how she made it. I was long ago.