Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Pictures

After picking Jer up in Susanville, we stopped in Redding so he could "check in" with his parole officer and then we headed to Dunsmuir, CA. I got a two bedroom "vintage cabin" right by the river. We had a bocce ball court, a park, a pool with ice cold water, and a there was a hot tub by the pool...for good reason it turns out! Check out the funky stove and the old coffee pot! My mom had one like that. I have many more to post...but I'm thinking I'll go make a breakfast of eggs and zuchinni flowers!


Wesley Ale said...

I see you like to cook and eat and eat and cook. Julie and Julia is the perfect cooking movie.

Pat said...

Jer looks wonderful! I like your little spot there.
I'll give you a call after work and you can tell me all about your trip and Jeremy.
Love you.
PS I'm voting :)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy looks great (love the specs!) and the photo of two of you is wonderful too! I snatched the two pix for flickr, if you don't mind. Love, John