Friday, July 31, 2009

Short Ribs Three Ways

Since I feel like crap, I decided to do something like this for Dave, for dinner. I bought the short ribs half off..cause they are about to expire. I must use them...can't waste food. I really can't. I've tried.

Also, since I feel like crap, I am posting a youtube video on making braised short ribs. He uses beer, I use red wine. I use a dutch oven, he uses a non-stick deep pan. I serve mine over wide noodles. (It's good to see a young man cook like this....geez, I sound so old).

For people who prefer to bbq short ribs, please enjoy the following one:

I loved spicy food so maybe this recipe for Korean Short Ribs...and make stir fried kim chee rice on the side.

For something a little different, my very favorite dish at Laos/Viet/Thai restaurants..especially here in Sacramento at Vientianne.

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TaraDharma said...

the ribs with beer looks good -- but really 3 hours at 300? I burnt mine a 90 min. at 325 -- too hot, I know. Live and learn.