Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chopped Liver. Oy! From so much pleasure, one could plotz!

Chopped Liver "Deviled Eggs"
chunky chopped liver

The best sandwich I've ever, ever had. I love sunflower seed whole grain bread.

Gorgeous chopped liver

Saute about 12 oz. chicken livers in schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) till about medium.  Set aside to cool.  Then saute 1 large chopped onion in schmaltz with 2 minced garlic cloves, salt & pepper.. then set aside to cool. Barely pink in the middle please.  I always have schmaltz in my fridge.

I grate the hard boiled eggs. Always have, always will. I put 4 eggs in cold water..when it comes to the boil I take it off and cover. Set time for 10 min.  Let cool. 

Smash liver with potato masher..remove stringy membranes, or just use your fingers.

Then, I added 1 TBSP or so Hungarian paprika...and also about 1/4 chopped raw onion.

I pulse it in food processor a few times. I added some minced kosher dills..1/4 of one or so.. after pulsing is finished. Don't run it too long..we don't want liver puree.  I serve it on some butter lettuce with some baby dill or even fennel fronds if you have em laying about. :)  Parsley will do.  You could add some of that to the chicken liver if you want to...on the last few pulses.  Wouldn't kill anyone.

*The sandwich was sublime. I toasted one side, then put a schmear of the chopped liver on, added lettuce, and closed her up. It tasted like my childhood. For the sandwich..don't pulse.

*Chicken Liver deviled eggs...a hit!  (used pulsed liver for that)


Peg said...

Looks good and your directions are great.

You ALMOST make me want to try and make this, but not quite. Maybe I can get Cheryl to make it for me. Yeah, that seems like a better idea.

TaraDharma said...

I'm assuming we're talking chicken livers?

sandwich looks yummy!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Peg..I knew you were a liver gal. Me too!

TD..yes, chicken livers and I went back and corrected that. Thanks!

Eileen said...

I'm going to try chicken livers. I've done pate but not chopped livers..sort of the same.

Pat said...

Yummy yum yum. Looooove chicken livers. Don't remember mom ever making it, but that isn't saying much :-)

Pat said...

Funny story...I mentioned to you my excitement about harvesting my nearly ready arugula? Got home from Florida and my arugula are radishes!!! I know you love em and I hate em. Still have the arugula seed packet stapled to the identifying post (lest people think I'm nuts)
Your hydrangea are so pretty!!

Hahn at Home said...

You lost me at liver.