Sunday, June 14, 2009

SSSay Now....Making Healthy Pet Food

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It's a good thing cats don't see color!

I guess I'll call it SSSay Chicken, Orzo & Fruit and SSSay Chicken, Liver, BeetsnPeas.

Last night, Uncle Doreen was telling us how she cooks for her dogs (kids). She said, "it's cheaper than buying canned and it's probably better for them..and they love it".

Today, we began cooking for our cats. Yes, you heard me right. We made cat food for Stella, Simon, and Stanley. It was good enough that I would eat it as pate' on a cracker! Well, I'd add some salt and maybe a few other things..but salt isn't good for cats.

I made chicken livers and chicken thighs (saved the broth of the chicken thighs and added fresh beet greens, carrots, and garden peas). We added some brewer's yeast (cats like it and it is good for them..and us) and we added some whole grain bread. Dave made the bread in the bread machine...all natural and fab ingredients. Cats need more protein than dogs do..and cats need to eat 3x a day. They also need carbs and fiber! Some cats like fruit, so added some of the neighbors blueberries (I did not steal them) to the just chicken and orzo pasta (no liver) dish.

I also used my garden parsley and savory. Cat love good taste just like humans. Well, Simon would eat cardboard if you smeared bacon grease on it...but, pork products are not good for cats so....nada.

Simon is getting old and needs more liquid in his diet, so he'll get it with the broth infused mixtures we made today. Actually, Stella is getting old too. They are 12 and 13. Stan, the man, is only 6 or 7.

As usual, I made tons of it. If you want some, come and get it. Leave a message on facebook or here. Should be used within a week. I'll freeze some too. I cannot wait to try making other mackerel and liver! SSSay Now! I might have to mix it with canned cat food until they get used to homemade...but Simon is certainly scarfing it down.

Next....cookies and snacks for dogs and cats!

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Peg said...

You ARE amazing! You make me wish that I enjoyed food the way that you do.

Eileen said...

Your so good! I did make my dogs some "cookies" last year but haven't done it since.. bad me. I should, it was easy.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Hey just come on out here and I'll make you enjoy food the way I do...or, I'll come out there.

Eileen..want some cat food? I'll deliver! Even my picky cat loves it!

TaraDharma said...

wow....i may look into this as a healthy alternative for my animals. But so far, when the dogs eat cooked chicken or beef, they get real sticky gas and sometimes have the runs. I wonder if it's because it's straight meat, without the rice or other carbs. I'll have to investigate!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

TD...I hate sticky gas. You can't shake it! Stinky AND sticky gas is even worse.

Peg said...

LMAO at all of you! What's REALLY easy is buying cookies at the store and handing them out to the dogs while you're eating them yourself.

Also, my cats always insisted on dining on the table, as opposed to the floor. Did you have to pose these cats?

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Those are my cats, unposed, going crazy for my catfood...which I also enjoyed on a cracker as they ate. Ha!!!

TaraDharma said...

Ah, gotta love those typos!!

Anonymous said...

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