Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Stupid Visit with the Diet Guru

So, because I am overweight and my dr. apparently does not believe me when I say that I eat healthy, she refers me to a "dietitian". I go, not wanting to appear as if I know everything. I do though. I have a Master's in health sciences and counseling. Just 10 years ago, pre-menopause, I was not fat. Since my dr. is younger than me and cannot figure out why I have difficulty losing lbs., she refers me to this person. After driving all over frickin' Elk Grove...and walking all over this huge building, I end up at a suite that says it is a Chiropractor/Spa. I walk in and say I think I am in the right place to see Kathy (whatshername). She is, in fact, there. Whew!

I go into her sparse, yet zen-like office, with a massage table in it. She says she rents the space for when she is in Elk Grove...and does not do massage. Damn..cause that is what I really need!

So I am hoping she knows about menopause, decreased metabolism and antioxidants, foods that increase metabolism, hormones, etc. Instead..she asks me what I eat. I tell her. She says,
"that sounds good, so what is the problem?" I say, "do you mean, why am I fat then?" She laughs and crosses her oh so skinny legs together. She says, well your diet is great. Why don't you measure out your olive oil? [is that it?]

I say, "I do. Geez, guess I just need a kick in the ass or something". She prompts me to stand up and then actually kicks me in the ass. I also find out that my dr's office sent old insurance info. and that my new PPO will not pay for the visit.

60 bucks for a requested kick in the ass. Nice. I knew more than she did about nutrition. People never believe that overweight people know this stuff. Many do.

So...I keep walking, eating right, and staying the same damned weight. Shit!


Anonymous said...

You should contact Delaney Gabriel about your problem. She will fix it for you You need Bio identical hormones. Her number is 489.0900. Your insurance won't cover it but it will make all the difference in the world

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

I don't know who you are...but I made an appt. with Delaney for July. It's not cheap..and I do believe ins. SHOULD pay for it..but oh well. I am worth it.

How do you know about her?

AndreaQ said...

It's better to be "fat" and fit than skinny and unhealthy! :) If you are eating the right foods and getting significant exercise and otherwise healthy, then you are far better off than most of the naturally thin women out there (or those that are also going through menopause and stay thin but have to starve themselves-terrible life!). Good luck!

PPLIC said...

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