Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mary's Roasted Chicken

No...not roasted yet. Look how gorgeous it is!
There's a reason they're called "bronze" chickens. I'd say they are more auburn but whatever.

I always stuff my chicken with half an onion, a big fistful of rosemary, and two quartered lemons.
I truss it a bit, sprinkle salt and pepper all over it, then throw it in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes, lower temp to 325 until chicken juices run clear. This one took about 2.5 hours...maybe. Somewhere around there. Served it with dilled fingerling potatoes and roasted broccoli w/almonds and parm. cheese. Click on the photo to see how great the skin was!
I roasted this California Bronze Baby up the other night....the very best chicken I've ever had. I bought our Mary's Chicken at Sac Natural Foods Co-op. Yes, it did cost a bit over $28 bucks..but hell, it looks like a small turkey!

Then this eve I open up the food and wine section of The Bee and see that Allan Pierleoni did a story about Mary's Heritage Birds. I love getting one of her heritage turkeys at Thanksgiving. Carolyn Kumpe from East Bay Kitchen Supply roasted one up herself...and it was proudly displayed on the What's Cooking page!
Check out Mary's Heritage Birds by clicking on the title of this post. You can buy her chickens at Taylor's Market on Freeport, Corti's on Folsom Blvd, or at Food Co-op on Alhambra and S.


Peg said...

OMG! 28 bucks for a chicken. I don't think so. Does this recipe work for cheaper chickens?

My Iowa born grandmother, born in 1895, used to pine for natural raised chicken. Said they needed to get out and scratch around and stretch their legs.

Don't know why we didn't get her one from the other grandmother, who had chickens running around everywhere. Guess they didn't get along.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

But, I fed my in-laws, and Dave and I got two meals out of it and I made chicken soup. That's lots o meals for 28 dollars worth of fabulous chicken.

Eileen said...

That looks delicious!