Saturday, May 02, 2009

Several Firsts...... this trip!

The kids are off to their cure cancer walk...Mike is taking pics. I am here with Elaina today...a girls day today! I am thinking pedicure's for us. Yesterday, her mama went for a mani/pedi and a massage, all by herself. First time in "years" she said.

Ethan kissed me back for the first time yesterday....and even let me hold him. He laid his head back and watched a cartoon with me. Hurray!! I also watched him reach up and open the bathroom door by himself. Hide your cell phones!

Elaina had a difficult bedtime last she came in to my bed and laid with me till she went to sleep. She complained to me about her parents for the first time. Not sure what she was mad about but she was over it this morning. They probably wouldn't let her have a popsicle in bed...those damned parents! :)

Elaina cracked 4 eggs into a bowl this morning and not one shell fell into the eggs! Another first. She decided to add cheese to the eggs...and pepper but that's all. We cooked em up and they were 'licious.

She is helping me make brownies and later this afternoon, she says she wants to help me make the roasted chicken...if she doesn't have to touch it.

I'll be home tomorrow eve. I'll be happy for the quiet...for about 3 days and then "the missing" will begin again.


Peg said...

Love when the little minds start working.

Myranda recounted to me her story of when she had stomach flu and got sick in the night:

"First I was turning around and around in the bed.."

Then, one day she told me she was thinking about something. When I asked her what, she said, "the Wiggles".

Four eggs, no shells?? Fantastic!

Eileen and Sue said...

I'm jealous, it sounds like your having a great time. I'll see mine for a few days over Memorial day.