Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gramma, can I sleep with you?

When Elaina asked that question, I had all kinds of thoughts; how sweet, oh no, my snoring will wake her up, will she ever go to sleep, wonder if she'll turn "wheelies" in bed all night, will I get some sleep? I said, "sure, if it's okay with your mom". Hell yes... is what I suspected her answer would be. Turns out, Elaina is quite the snuggler. She snuggled me clean off the bed. She also talks in her sleep. It was cute. The second night was better...and the third was the best one of all. She actually slept all night long in her own bed last night...first time ever. Elaina also loves to say that word...actually. Ethan is a daddy's boy..and mamma's boy...but at least he doesn't scream anymore when I go near him. He is so cute it is unreal...actually.

Jenn and Mike had friends who have a beach house in Oceanpark, WA. Mike agreed to do a family photo session in trade for a few days at their house. Nice. It beat the alternative..which was a broken-down cottage that smelled of mold and very, very old people. I think Slingblade's parent's lived there.

Anyway...this other beach house was, with all wood floors, granite counters, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The ocean was about two blocks away. I've never seen such a desolate beach in my life...and it was ALL ocean. No cliffs, no rocks...just beach and ocean. We drove down the beach!

Here is my question? How old do kids have to be before they can entertain themselves for awhile? It seems like my mom threw us outdoors at dawn and let us in for lunch and dinner..and then for bed. I don't recall having to entertain my kids from morning till night...but then, I wasn't that great of a parent either. It seems like the adults could play cards or watch some tv and the kids were off playing by themselves. We'd throw em some snacks from time to time...ya know, to keep em alive and such. [I feel sooooo old].

It's naptime.


Hahn at Home said...

Yeah, that's pretty much me too - out until the street lights came on. I always entertained myself or played with my sister. We were sent to our room to play. Don't know what went on while we were there, but they seemed to need the time.

My kids also had a rule like that at dinner time - my time for download with my ex.

Glad you had a great time but hope you got enough sleep.

Eileen and Sue said...

It's sad Tianna is 11 too old to sleep with grandma anymore, miss those days. Sounds like your having a great time.
I think the kids need to be entertained now because it is too dangerous for them to go out and play without a parent watching the whole time.. they can't go ride around the block or go to the park by themselves. Sad times