Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Eva Gardner"

Eva came by today to help me with my tomato garden..over at the in-laws place. She is a "gardner-extraordinaire"..a prodigy if you will. First, she tasted the soil for the proper ph balance. I watched in was zen-like. I sat quietly, waiting for the thumbs up.

She then showed me how deeply to plant the tomatoes.

After a workout in the garden, it was lunch time. My MIL offered up some white bread. You can see how Miss Eva reacted! She rolled the white bread into little balls and fed them to Simon. What really amazed me was that she put the napkin I gave her ON HER LAP. Mini-Miss Manners!

Concerned about my 'noodle to broth ratio", Eva was kind enough to instruct me on the proper procedure for that perfect bowl of noodle/spinach soup. We ate as we only seemed appropriate.
We walked over to the park...but there were some really big and wild kids over we came home and worked on the sprinkler flow and irrigation.
Thanks Eva! Come back soon.


Rajesh &Shankari said...

We love being around Eva too. She is adorable!

Eileen and Sue said...

she is so cute!

Peg said...

OMG!! She is wonderful! (And so are you.)

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

She is smart too! She's been to my house twice, maybe 3 times in her 18 mos. of life..and she ran right to my "grandma drawer" and got her cup and asked for a fork. Turns out she got many I found them in the garden. She also had a water cup that she put back in the bottom drawer...and it leaked all over her Annie Organic Bunnies..which she also stashed in the drawer. She is fast!

Ann said...

Thank you so much Mel! The photos are great and we're glad you had fun. Turns out we might not have had food poisoning but some fast-acting bug that's going around. Yuck.