Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off to Long Beach...Washington

We are driving to the coast and then northward. The kids arranged for a little seaside vacation till Wednesday. Everyone is packing up; Mike is marinating the ribs and steaks for the cooler, Jenn is packing the kids' stuff, I just finished dancing with the kids and am packing up some fruit and other travel treats.

Elaina, Ethan, and I have watched two short princess movies since I arrived. It was funny...the one princess was a geologist and the other one chose not to marry the prince..she wanted to travel and be free. It'll be interesting when two princesses ditch the men and marry each other!

Well, I hear trouble upstairs. Ethan just dropped mommy's camera in the toilet.

See ya when I get back!

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Angie Ledbetter said...

Ooo, sounds fun! Hope we get a post-vaycay report. :) (Love the potato lips down below.)

Anonymous said...

You'll love Long Beach and Ilwaco. When we lived in Vancouver we would travel down and enjoy the water. Being at the mouth of the Columbia, the water was warm enough to play in. Remind me to tell you about Ragtime and Long Beach. ~ John