Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Jenn's Parents House

Mike deep-fried a turkey and grilled one. Both delicious. I made Grandma Rosenberg's dressing, and Jenn made a wonderful green bean casserole. We were set to go on over.

I never found my shoes...I think Elaina hid them after telling me she didn't want me to go home. I wore Jenn's fuzzy pink house slippers.

It was a great time. Lots of relatives and friends..just the kind of thanksgiving I grew up with. No plates to wash either! Paper plates and a buffet line. Perfecto!!

Jenn's step-mom made me a her past life she was a bartender and clearly not stingy with the booze. I only had one...I would have been flat on my back if I'd had more.

Elaina and Ethan were passed around like a football....and we enjoyed watching football too. I don't know how the Philly/Arizona game turned out. For my sista's sake, I hope Philly won!!

Speaking of games, I sure did enjoy going to the Rose Garden the other night to see the Kings and Blazers play. Arco looks like a total slum compared to that place...well, compared to an arena really.

I still have not found my shoes...but that will make it easy when we go for pedicures today!


Eileen and Sue said...

It sounds like your having a great time.. your so lucky!

Mike S said...

Sure sounds like a great get-together. Still gonna get the letter to J off. Got sidetracked by 102 year old apartment building repairs lately. Seems to happen every fall like clockwork.

Great looking family. My oldest just turned 38 Oct 01. I was a tad older than 17 when he arrived though, although his mom, my exe, was barely 19. Seems funny that we were married 20 years, and after a long break as a single, the present Mrs Mike & I have been together 15 years. 16 years in Jan 09.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Eileen...I know I am lucky. :)

Mike...we are old, huh? Jer has a new address. I'll email it to ya. He was "in the hole" for 45 days. Apparently there was a white/hispanic riot of sorts. He said if he wouldn't have participated he would have gotten his ass beat good!! I guess several went to "the hole".

Dale said...

I've still not sampled the fabled deep fried turkey but hope to some day. Happy Thanksgiving!!