Saturday, November 29, 2008

Boycot Cinemark..if you have a choice. Please.

Don't let Cinemark profit from Harvey Milk's legacy!

This group is specific to the promotion of Gus Van Sant's incredible film "Milk" and raising visibility around Cinemark CEO Alan Stock's $9,999 donation to Yes on 8. If 1,000 of us commit to see "Milk" at a competitor's theater instead of Cinemark, at an average cost of $10 per ticket, that's $10,000 of lost revenue.

Help us reach 1,000 members so we can send a message to Mr. Stock: You will not profit from hate!

We are organizing this boycott to support the complete "Boycott Cinemark" movement.

We want you to see Gus Van Sant's MILK.

We REALLY want you to see Gus Van Sant's MILK.

But the CEO of Cinemark Theaters (Century Theaters, CinéArts and Tinseltown) thinks he can make large donations to Yes on Prop 8 and still profit off Harvey Milk's legacy.

This is wrong, and we cannot support it.

*If you have the choice*, SEE THIS FILM SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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Mike S said...

Makes sense to me. My ex-brother in law is gay & was living in SF and a friend of Milk. Actually met him a coupla times while visiting there.

Will await address change before mailing.