Monday, November 10, 2008

Musings One and Two

1. A while back I was using my noodle to figure out ways to make money for charity. I thought it would be totally cool to get some food bloggers together (12 to be exact) for a "semi-semi-nude calendar". A fundraiser to feed the hungry would be appropriate.

I emailed a few food bloggers to see what they thought. Most never responded. One gave a certain, "no", and one thought it was a "fun idea". It was supposed to be a fun idea. would've thought I sent the idea out to a Huderite Colony or something.

Of course, the bloggers would be covered-up with aprons, mixers, big bowls, cookbooks, etc. Nothing would actually show.

I wonder..maybe if I broadened the search to include all of N. CA food bloggers...then what? I know a great photographer!

2. How about the Sapulpa Herald (in Sapulpa, Oklahoma) not printing the Obama win on November 5th?! There was an article on the front page about McCain/Palin running a good campaign or something like that..also reported on the Sherrif's win and on page two how the county election results panned out. Not a thing about the Obama win. The publisher of the paper (5,000 readers) said it was a "small-town paper and people 'round town already done seen what happened on the tv or on the radio." Think "Deliverance" and you'll get an image of what the publisher looked like. Can you say, "racism?"

The paper did run an article about how the "Afro-American community" protested down in front of the paper. . Darren Sumner is the owner/publisher. Oh, those darned red states! It reminded lots of townsfolks about how back in the 50's the city done closed the community pool rather than let those blackies mingle with the regerlar folk.

That is frightening. We already know how they'd feel about a proposition in their state supporting gay marriage. Hell, they probably still have a city ordinance against interracial marriage.

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