Friday, October 31, 2008

Please Volunteer...insist on it!

The folks at "No on 8" in Sacramento need to have more than one person (Jeff) who is coordinating all of the volunteer needs. Either he cannot delegate, he has a piss-poor team, or it was poorly organized. Sorry. All I know is that I have made enough chili for 50 plus people!! I don't know where to take it..even though I got an email (today, Friday) asking for food for volunteers!! Now, I called earlier today offering to make food for the volunteers..before I actually made it.

I called this morning and I spoke to a very nice woman. I told her I was offering to make chili for 50 people. She asked why. I told her I'd received a wish list this morning from "Sac No on 8" which included a meal for 20 - 50 people. She knew nothing of it..she told me to hold for Jeff...which I did for quite some time. That's bad people. I called again at noon....listened to Jeff multi-task for at least 10 minutes as he talked with about 4 people at once..all the time holding the phone waiting to talk with me about cooking and donating food for 50 people. When he got on the phone he said, "well, where do you want to bring the food?" I said, "don't know Jeff...just got an email earlier asking for tell me where I should bring it". This required 10 more minutes and a final..".not sure". I asked if I should bring it to the place where they will be training folks. "I think so..not sure. I think you should come to the keep you in the loop". I say, I don't need training..I am in the loop...for sure. I just want to feed everyone. I am making a meat-free chili....I am bringing all the bowls, napkins, crackers, and utensils. Where should I bring it? I ask him to call me tomorrow he seemed quite overwhelmed.

I was going to stand there for 5 hours on election day and hand out No on 8 stuff....but my ankle cannot take it. I have to sit down and ice it after one hour on my feet. I just want to contribute.

Here is the email I got this a.m. They need help down there. Call Jeff..and hope he can talk with you!

[here is the email I rec'd]

Hi friends,

Thanks for all your hard work and generous donations.

We still need a lot of help at the Downtown Sacramento NO on 8 Headquarters office.

We need help driving to polling locations and doing information gathering.
We need help getting ready for Election Day.

Friday 10am-9pm
Sat 4:30pm-9pm
Sun 10am-9pm
717 K Street, Suite 507 and 527

Please stop by and help or call Jeff at 530-329-3501


We must reach $3 million by Friday to catch up with out opposition and ensure that we get the same number of ads out in to the worlds as our opponents.

The most direct way to donate would be in person at the Sacramento NO on 8 Headquarters at 717 K Street, Suite 507 and 527 from 10am-9pm. Or you may donate over the phone by credit card by calling Jeffrey at (530) 329-3501. Please make checks out to "Equality for All".

NO on 8 HQ Wishlist

If you are a business owner who can help us, please let us know.
To donate, please deliver to: 717 K Street on the 5th Floor in Room 527.
Questions? Call Jeff at (530) 329-3501. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Office supply store gift cards
Food for large group of volunteers (20-50 people)
Snacks/soda/water for volunteers
Folding card tables
Gift cards for gasoline
Name badge stickers
Paper shredder
Paper Towels
Plastic Utensils, paper plates, cups

Early Voting Sacramento County

Early voting is available to Sacramento County residents.

Mon-Fri 8a-5p
Sat 9a-2p

7000 65th St. Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 875-6451
Election Day Help

Because this is going to be a razor thin election, we need to keep working hard up through Election Day and especially on Election Day.


Hahn at Home said...

They are supposed to call me for my precinct assignment and they haven't.

peg said...

That's really pretty inexcusable.

I'm sure you have done more than your share. I know that I really appreciate your efforts.