Friday, October 31, 2008

Horror at Blockbuster's on Rush River Drive

I took some movies back today at our area Blockbuster Video Store. I had been in there about 5 minutes when this young guy came in. He walked in the door and began talking about how they had sold him the wrong oil. The manager told him that he was in a video store. He then called the young manager a stupid "cunt bitch" and began to spew all kinds of threats! The manager asked him to leave, at which point the young man became even more irritated and verbose.

I immediately was sent back to my days working on an emergency psych unit..and looked around for backup. Two women dropped their videos in the isle, grabbed their kids, and fled out the back door. Wise choice. They knew it could become even more I did.

The guy left..went out and sat in his big, expensive truck. The manager called 911, as his other male employees watched and listened. He never told the dispatcher that this man threatened to kill him. He got off the phone and the 3 employees were joking about the guy when he got out of his truck and walked toward the front door. I said, "he is coming back..he is nuts!" He came back in and his tirade continued..only worse. One very tall and large customer went up to him and suggested that he "let it go". They were of the same race. The crazy guy said, "fuck you bitch".

The crazy guy said he knew that they had taken down his plates and his description..and vowed to return to take care of them all. I stood near the the door. I called 911..and the phone rang up front. The manager answered and the guy left..again. The manager made light of what had happened...even though the store was now empty..except for dumb me and them.

I suggested that he lock the door and wait for the cops...but we all knew the cops weren't coming. Sad, but true.

The guy drove off...but I was still scared. My car was parked next to his truck. I wondered if he'd come back with a gun. He had promised to "fuck the guy up..and put a knife up his ass".

I gave the manager my phone number and name. I told him to watch his back and not take this so lightly. It was serious.

I was trembling when I got home. Dave agreed that the manager should have been concerned about his customers..and not his ego. Threatening someone's life is a felony. I called the manager and told him that. Hope he is okay. I did all I could do.


Hahn at Home said...

Hell yeah, that guy is nuts and dangerous. The cops never showed, I'm sure.

Great police department we have - what with two having to ride together to save money - cuts in overtime, personnel, and so forth.

Let's see what happens during the election. I don't think either of our candidates have the right answers.

Peg said...

UN-EFFING-BELIEVABLE!! Even though the young clerks can't be expected to have the knowledge and experience that you have, you would think that instinct would tell them how serious that situation was.

After living in the inner city for most of my adult life, we moved to the country 10 years ago. Last month in a drugstore, someone called a "code 30" at the jewelry counter. I was totally in fight or flight mode, suspecting a robbery. When nothing went down I asked at the check out what code 30 meant.

Price check! I was ducking around the back aisles, ready to hit the floor for a price check!