Sunday, October 05, 2008

Are You Trippin? (from the archives, by Mike Harris)

I went to work for Intel, in Portland, seven and a half years ago. Every seven years, an Intel employee earns a six-week paid sabbatical. As an avid motorcyclist, I made big plans for my time off over six long years ago. Those weeks would be filled with a cross country journey visiting as many states as possible. Just me and my motorcycle against the world!

I never wanted kids. I decided in my early twenties that I wasn't cut out to be a dad. My wife, at the time, was in agreement. I told her how I was planning on riding across the U.S. on my FZ1, taking only the essentials and camping out along the way. After our divorce, which was amicable, I was inspired after reading "Jupiter's Travels". Filled with a thirst for adventure I hatched a new plan to ride down to the tip of Mexico, taking only my American Express card, a small tent, some beef jerky, and a few clothes. That six-week sabbatical was always the carrot dangling just in front of me.

I met my wife, Jenn, a few years ago. She had me hooked when, on the sly, she programmed her number into my cell phone, along with her birthdate. Within a little over a year, we traveled all over Europe, got married, had Elaina, and bought a house. Our second child, Ethan, entered the world only seven days ago.
My sabbatical begins next month on January 23rd. Instead of an epic two-wheeled ride of freedom and adventure carrying only the bare necessities onboard, I will be on four wheels with a payload of two car seats filled by my young, poopy-diapered co-pilots, Elaina and Ethan. Our cargo will be comprised of ziplocs full of smart puffs, sippy cups, and of course the life-saving, essential-filled diaper bag. The sights and smells of the open highway will be replaced by crying children, blaring kid's music, and as a last resort, my repeated desperate attempts to amuse my daughter such as shouting "Hey look! There's a bus!" or "Here comes a truck!"

Dreams change. Man, there's nothing like the feeling you get when you walk in the house and your little girl smiles and runs up for a hug. Seeing my reflection in my infant son's eyes is equally amazing. I'll take that ride someday, but it may pale in comparison to the epic adventure that is fatherhood.

(Well written and pulled from the archives. Thanks to my son, Mike)

BTW...if you want to view the pics he took of the pig roast/birthday party...go to Freeze Frame Photography and click on galleries. Then click on Harris Family, then click on Pig roast..password is porky. He did it for fun...and I thank him for bringing his big ol camera. While you are there...check out his portfolio...and his blog. Impressive.

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Eileen and Sue said...

your grandson lookes just like you.
He's so cute