Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sushi Anyone?

Click on the sushi pic to see all the wonderful fish dishes up close..and personal.

Dave's party at Akebono II on Freeport Blvd in Sacramento was one fun time. The sushi chefs, cooks, and servers were top notch..and the food was delicious. The fish was sublime. Thanks to all who came to help celebrate Dave's Birthday...which is actually tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I wish I would've taken more of the food..but, I was too busy enjoying it..and the company. The menu included edamame, oysters on the half shell, spicy beef plate and spicy chicken ramen, a boat of sashimi, and a boat of sushi rolls...oh, and geso (deep fried squid).

Oh, I took the cake, orchids, chopsticks, etc. in before the party and the staff put it all together nicely. Everyone thought the cake was from Freeport Bakery...but no. It was a raspberry/lemon cake from Raley's.

And Happy Birthday Shannon...tomorrow! And Happy Birthday Bob!


Eileen and Sue said...

It was fun and delicious! Thanks so much.. Happy Birthday Dave

Ann said...

Sorry we missed it! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Bob.