Saturday, August 09, 2008

thatsa tomato...and other stuffola

I have roma tomatoes coming out the ying yang. I also picked a huge beefsteak today and we had tomato & mortedella sandwiches. Juicy, warm, delicious.

On another note, my grandkids and their parents will be down to visit Sept. 20-23rd. I am so excited!

I went to Tuesday Mornings and HAD to have this little picnic table with umbrella. I happened to be at Rite Aid and HAD to have the two little chairs. I also picked up an easy set up pool for the back yard. Grandpa is putting a swing in the big tree out front.

Anyone watch the Beijing opening ceremony?? Holy cow. It was awesome..incredible I say.

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Anonymous said...

holy pico de gallo that is a big tomato!