Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Save Corti's Petition

(Before I begin this post about Corti Brothers, I want to thank John at http://www.bressler.org/ for totally helping me with my Top 25 banner. I may never, ever be in the top 15 again...but I just want to give a shout out to John for helping me. I know he must think I am a total dweeb).

This afternoon I rec'd an email from a local restaurant professional with a link to a petition to "Save Corti's". Apparently, on Sept. 3rd there will be a rally at Corti's..made up of many local chefs, their chefs, and other foodie-types, bloggers, etc. What I was wondering is, "what will this rally accomplish?" Are they hoping to change the landlords mind and let Corti stay put...at his old rent rate? Are they hoping someone will step up and offer Corti a location in East Sac at a reduced cost?

Apparently, they certainly want Corti's to stay in their present location until after Christmas...at least. That would be good indeed!

I love Corti Brothers, but didn't he sorta screw up by not having a long-term, signed lease instead of a month-to-month?? That was pretty darned risky if ya ask me....but then, I don't know anything really.

Who in the hell is this landlord who gave him only 60 days to vacate...after being in business there for almost 40 years! I hope whoever they are, they have a very thick skin, bullet proof vest, armored car, and a secret address. Corti Bros. shoppers are very loyal...don't piss em off.

Here is the link to sign the petition...I did. http://www.savecortis.wordpress.com/


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

YAY! You got your banner up over at Sacto Top 25! I like it.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Thanks NGIP. It's not what I really wanted...but it is a banner. I went to a free banner site..and that's what I came up with. Thank godess for John at Bressler.org who took pity on me.